JupiterMedia publishes the „U.S. Entertainment and Media Consumer Survey, 2005“, containing results from research into the surfing habits of 3000 Internet users in the United States.

The author of the report, Barry Par, states:

Even the most intensive users of newspapers and magazines spend less time reading these publications than they do online or watching TV […] TV and newspaper companies risk losing an entire generation of users unless they immediately start promoting their online products.

The media habits of the average user in the report break down as follows:

| Media type | Time |
| Magazines | 1 hour |
| Newspapers | 2 hours |
| Radio | 5 hours |
| Television | 14 hours |
| Internet | 14 hours |

In other words, Internet usage has drawn level with television, both of which alone account for more hours than the other media put together.

Furthermore, the survey found that even the most avid newspaper readers spent more time in front of the screen than with their nose in a paper. The survey also found that whilst avid television viewers were also likely to be avid Internet users, there was little correlation between Internet use and newspaper use, with only 19 percent of intensive Internet users also being intensive newspapers readers.

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